An Introduction to the 5 Star Survival Blog

What to expect and learn from 5 Star Survival with Ian I. the Survival Guy.

There are many blogs, pages, and ways to learn how to prep and survive.  What’s different about mine?  I’m not your conventional prepper. My techniques are a mix of everything I have learned over the years.  My blog will not be typical either, I will not just post random articles about random things.  What I will do is take you through a journey like a mini series.  Each post will be an episode realted to an EMP scenario.

For example; imagine that an EMP has happened. I will be sharing survival techniques as they happen and are needed. The first episode will be the first minutes into an EMP. It will cover topics such as; how to react, signs that a true EMP has happened, how to keep calm, asses the situation, and come up with a solution. How you react to the first minutes in any crisis situation can determine everything else that follows. Why would I choose an EMP crisis situation? Well, a grid down life will basically cover everything you need to know in order to survive.  To learn to live without modern day conveniences like hospitals, technology, the local corner store, etc, will set you up for success for any doomsday scenario you could encounter.  I will cover it all ladies and gentlemen.

Now, let’s discuss how an EMP can affect your daily life.

I’ve already explained how an EMP can occur in my first post, but never discussed what it will affect. Everything with a computer chip in it will be completely fried.  The amount of electricity that is produced by the EMP is to much for modern day computer chips to handle. Your phones, computers, cars, and the power grid would be affected. Everything we use  today relies on either fossil fuel or electricity.  Communications, hospitals, and your basic mode of transportation would come to a complete halt. Think about it, what does not use power from the grid?  Virtually everything.  Sewage would start to overflow and contaminate most water supplies and the water brought to your house would stop.  Your heating and air conditioning units would never work again.  We will be brought to a world that existed not to long ago.  Most modern conveniences have made life so easy for us, that we’ve all forgotten those basic skills that kept our grandparents and those before them alive.  Imagine never again having a toilet to do your business in. You can make it flush without electricity. Do you know how to do that? Your car is run by a computer too. Models from 1985 and on have computers inside that help them run.  Your vehicle also has electronic fuel injectors that would stop feeding your car the fuel it needs to run. The power grid is a interconnected network connecting producers to consumers.  Those power generation stations would shut down. Most people don’t realize that our very own power grid is outdated and most of it is custom made.  Replacing all of those units would take years to get life back to somewhat normal.  Not to mention, there will be no power to build them in the first place.  Look what happened in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Irma. It’s scary to know that you may never see your normal life again.  An EMP wouldn’t harm you physically but in the long run you will be affected, unless you know how to survive it.

MY blog is going to take this life on, and teach you a multitude of survival skills.

Some examples include;

  • Common injuries as well as diseases and how to treat them
  • Unconventional home defense
  • Farming
  • Building a survival community
  • Becoming a ghost to the outside world
  • Building basic as well as easy ovens and refrigerators without using electricity
  • Adjusting to grid down life
  • Fighting boredom.

Your 5 stars of survival:

  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Fire
  4. Shelter
  5. Good positive mental attitude

Hopefully you will never have to use these skills. If you ever do, I’m sure you’ll be glad you paid attention and ventured out of your comfort zone. It’s important to try them out before it’s too late. Stay tuned for my mini series that will give you a good look at what life could be in a grid down world.  

I’m Ian I. the Survival Guy and hope you tune in.

© 5 Star Survival, 2018.





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