What to expect and learn from 5 Star Survival with Ian I. the Survival Guy.

There are many blogs, pages, and ways to learn how to prep and survive.  What’s different about mine?  I’m not your conventional prepper. My techniques are a mix of everything I have learned over the years.  My blog will not be typical either, I will not just post random articles about random things.  What I will do is take you through a journey like a mini series.  Each post will be an episode realted to an EMP scenario.

For example; imagine that an EMP has happened. I will be sharing survival techniques as they happen and are needed. The first episode will be the first minutes into an EMP. It will cover topics such as; how to react, signs that a true EMP has happened, how to keep calm, asses the situation, and come up with a solution. How you react to the first minutes in any crisis situation can determine everything else that follows. Why would I choose an EMP crisis situation? Well, a grid down life will basically cover everything you need to know in order to survive.  To learn to live without modern day conveniences like hospitals, technology, the local corner store, etc, will set you up for success for any doomsday scenario you could encounter.  I will cover it all ladies and gentlemen.

Now, let’s discuss how an EMP can affect your daily life.

I’ve already explained how an EMP can occur in my first post, but never discussed what it will affect. Everything with a computer chip in it will be completely fried.  The amount of electricity that is produced by the EMP is to much for modern day computer chips to handle. Your phones, computers, cars, and the power grid would be affected. Everything we use  today relies on either fossil fuel or electricity.  Communications, hospitals, and your basic mode of transportation would come to a complete halt. Think about it, what does not use power from the grid?  Virtually everything.  Sewage would start to overflow and contaminate most water supplies and the water brought to your house would stop.  Your heating and air conditioning units would never work again.  We will be brought to a world that existed not to long ago.  Most modern conveniences have made life so easy for us, that we’ve all forgotten those basic skills that kept our grandparents and those before them alive.  Imagine never again having a toilet to do your business in. You can make it flush without electricity. Do you know how to do that? Your car is run by a computer too. Models from 1985 and on have computers inside that help them run.  Your vehicle also has electronic fuel injectors that would stop feeding your car the fuel it needs to run. The power grid is a interconnected network connecting producers to consumers.  Those power generation stations would shut down. Most people don’t realize that our very own power grid is outdated and most of it is custom made.  Replacing all of those units would take years to get life back to somewhat normal.  Not to mention, there will be no power to build them in the first place.  Look what happened in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Irma. It’s scary to know that you may never see your normal life again.  An EMP wouldn’t harm you physically but in the long run you will be affected, unless you know how to survive it.

MY blog is going to take this life on, and teach you a multitude of survival skills.

Some examples include;

  • Common injuries as well as diseases and how to treat them
  • Unconventional home defense
  • Farming
  • Building a survival community
  • Becoming a ghost to the outside world
  • Building basic as well as easy ovens and refrigerators without using electricity
  • Adjusting to grid down life
  • Fighting boredom.

Your 5 stars of survival:

  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Fire
  4. Shelter
  5. Good positive mental attitude

Hopefully you will never have to use these skills. If you ever do, I’m sure you’ll be glad you paid attention and ventured out of your comfort zone. It’s important to try them out before it’s too late. Stay tuned for my mini series that will give you a good look at what life could be in a grid down world.  

I’m Ian I. the Survival Guy and hope you tune in.

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Well, let’s discuss what “normal” may be.  In the world we live in, most look at the prepper as the crazy person who stockpiles years of food, water, and other essentials for something that is not going to happen.  In their mind, the possibility of all modern conveniences could never go away in an instant.  They believe that no matter what, help will always come.  Even after looking at all the disasters that have happened recently, it has never concerned them that help may not be able to reach them in time.  They’ve never lived through such desperate times to be concerned with, so why should they?  Questions to ask such people are; why do you have health insurance?  I’m sure they don’t want to get sick. What about auto insurance? Do they want to get into an accident?  NO! But they have it along with many more for that “just in case.”  That “just in case” their house may catch fire or get t-boned at the intersection.  Why is it so wrong to have some extra food and water stored for that “just in case” scenario?  The answer is YES! It’s ok to prep, you are not crazy!!

When the category 5 hurricane was threatening to rip through the east coast of the United States last year, I found myself watching as people became desperate for a case of water.  The stores ran out in a couple days.  Can you guess where and what I was doing?  I was laughing in my bed, watching the news, and noticing everyone fighting for those basic resources.  I had no need to go out and try to make sure I had enough, because I already did!  Was I crazy then?  Absolutely not, in fact, most people at work found out that I wasn’t the crazy one, after they became worried about their own families.

This is exactly the kind of situation you’ll run into, if those bad times come.  Most believe that the police, fire fighters, doctors, and military will always be there to help them.  I’m going to give you a reality check!  They won’t, because guess what? All those you rely on have families of their own, and you’re damn mistaken if the danger is outside their doors, that they are going to leave their own families behind to help you. You can see this when Katrina hit in 2005, practically all police and other officials did not show up for duty because of that reason.  All had family affected by the hurricane and chose them over you.  This is the reality that you need to acccept and adjust to.  You are the only one who is going to help you.

You need to prepare now for when those times come, so that you are not relying on those who will probably not come to your rescue.  Having enough resources to ensure you and your family will make it through those tough times are key to surviving it.

Let’s take a quick look at those scenarios, that could actually end our world as we know it.

1-EMP (electromagnetic pulse)-This is when such a high velocity of electricity shoots through the air causing most, if not all, electronics run by a computer chip to be fried.  This can be caused by two entities, a nuclear or atomic weapon being detonated 250 miles in the atmosphere resulting in the electrons leaving their host atoms behind. It’s enough heat and that suddenly the upward and outward “puff” is enough to move the air overhead in the ionosphere to create the bulk of the EMP. Another is a solar flare from the sun, which actually happened in 1859, luckily though the world wasn’t run on electronics like it is today. It was pretty easy to recover from then, but if one like that hit today the entire power grid would shut down leaving us in the dark ages.

2-ECONOMIC COLLAPSE-You may not realize this but for a very long time the US dollar was the world’s currency.  You couldn’t go anywhere and not have the dollar accepted.  Most countries like Saudi Arabia would only accept US currency as payment for oil.  Other countries would have to convert to the dollar in order to buy most products.  This is not the case anymore. Countries like Russia and China would convert to trade with each other, but they are now using their own currencies.  Saudi Arabia is now steering away from the US dollar.  It’s because the United States is a super power that can’t pay its’ debts.  This results in printing off more money decreasing the value of it.  It’s also because so many factories have moved to other countries resulting in the United States no longer making income. This has further decreased the value of the dollar.

3-PANDEMIC-The influenza virus is scary. It has the ability to mutate and reject almost all vaccines.  It’s only a matter of time before it gets too strong that modern medicine can’t cure or prevent it any longer.  What’s scarier is how easily it could travel around the world in less than a few hours.  The Spanish FLU, in 1918, spread across the world killing anywhere from 50-100 million people.  The world is due for another one of these pandemic events and will most likely happen in our lifetime.

4-NUCLEAR WAR-Not only North Korea, but the United States and Russia have had enough. They unleash their arsenal of nuclear weapons on each other.  The unthinkable has happened!!!  The first ones will be detonated in the atmosphere to create an EMP to knock out communications of their enemy. The next ones will take out major sites like Moscow, Washington, military bases, and other launch sites. The final ones will hit every major city on both sides for one purpose, mass casualties!!!  It will only take less than 100 nukes to start a nuclear winter, meaning all that soot and ash from cities burning will be thrown into the atmosphere to block out the sun. This will cool the planet turning it into another ice age.

5-NATURAL DISASTER-With everything happening lately, it almost seems like Mother Nature is finally fighting back.  Unfortunately, we haven’t seen 1/10th of her power.  These may all very well be warnings that she is about to blow and shake us off like a bad case of fleas.  This could be in the form of every major volcano erupting, like Yellow Stone National Park, to a complete change in weather.  Either way, we need to watch out for those signs that she can’t take anymore. A lot of it has nothing to do with what we are doing, but in the activity of the sun.  The sun is not putting out enough ultra violet rays to sustain the earth and its needs, thus resulting in major dramatic change in weather.  The planet is going through normal changes as it always does, just not in the best interest of humans.  This has been occurring for millions of years, and is no different today.  We can’t think that we are that special to affect the nature of something that has been occurring for billions of years.  That’s just ignorance of humans, to think we are so special when we are not.  And that’s the truth!!!

There are many more ways our world could end, but these are the most likely ones.  If you really think about it, they are not that farfetched.  At any moment it could all end. Are you one of those who will be prepared for such occurrences? I hope you said yes.

I’m asking you now to stay tuned with my blog and think outside the box. I will help you master the many different ways to prepare you and your family for any disaster.  My techniques may be different than your conventional prepper, but it does not mean that I’m wrong. Take what I can teach you and if you don’t need it, great.  If you do need it, then I know I accomplished the mission of this blog.


© 5 Star Survival, 2018.